Paul Byers

CATALYST is an exciting WWII thriller inspired by true events; the Nazi plot to bomb NewYork City

 In the waning months of World War II, the allied armies advance     
 upon the crumbling German  war machine like a    juggernaut. In a
 final desperate bid to save the Fatherland, a plan is conceived that
 could turn the tide of the war-the completion of an advanced jet-
 propelled bomber capable of delivering a deadly payload to
 the shores of America.

 Captain Griff Avery of the OSS has just botched the defection of a
 prominent German  physicist, a man crucial to the  Nazi end game,
 letting him fall into the hands of the rogue SS General 
 masterminding the plot. But Avery's troubles have only just begun:
 overwhelming  evidence points to the woman he loves as the
 German spy who foiled the defection.

 Now under suspicion himself, Avery sifts through the lies and
 deceit, uncovering the  treacherous German operation. Against
 orders and on the run, Avery is forced to wage a secret war of his  
 own, recruiting the crew of a B-17 Flying Fortress and a reckless
 group of flyboys and their P-51 Mustangs to help him hunt down the
 secret SS cell and prevent the slaughter-no matter what the cost.


 CATALYST by Paul Byers is a real page turner! Great action and suspense! The
 combat action is as real as it gets and flies right at you! The tale integrates the reality
 of WWII aerial combat and the suspense of a spy thriller with the technology that
 could have changed the outcome of the War. You’ll enjoy every minute!
– J.E. Frisby, Col. USAF (Ret.)

Colonel Col. Frisby is a former USAF Command Pilot, Instructor Pilot, Navigator, and Electronic Warfare Officer. He Commanded the 410th Bomb Wing and was the Vice Commander of the USAF Air Warfare Center, the Air Force’s premier combat tactics, test, and training center at Nellis AFB, NV. He has over 5,000 hours in the T-38, B-52, F-4, and F-16, along with 200 combat sorties.

Inspired by true events, CATALYST provides a look at history’s largest dodged bullet. As eye opening as it is intense.

                                          – Jeremy Robinson, bestselling author of Instict and Threshold

Having finished reading this great book, I can honestly say I was amazed that Paul Byers was a first time author. I thoroughly enjoyed the story line and the detail with which he was able to describe the scenes. It was particularly absorbing to me, an ex USAF fighter pilot; especially the air battles. Well-done Paul; I await your next effort.  
Carmine R. Bassano Capt USAF (Ret)

Carmine R. Bassano was a fighter pilot with the 416th Tactical Fighter Squadron and flew as a flight lead (commander of a four plane combat wing) flying the F-100 Super Sabre jet fighter. Carmine was trained to deliver nuclear ordnance during the Cold war and saw combat over the Ho Chi Minh trail in North Vietnam. 





Catalyst is and exciting World War II spy thriller inspired by true events. As with all historical fiction, the reader always wonders what’s true; what really happened and what things did the author take, “literary freedom” with.

The true event that Catalyst is based upon is the fact that the Germans had in the works, a plan to bring the war to the shores of America itself by bombing New York City. All the aircraft in the book are factual, including the flying wing on the cover, which actually flew in February of

The flying wing was designed by Walter and Reimar Horten, officers in the German Luftwaffe. (air force) They produced the first jet powered flying wing and the first stealth aircraft. Though not invisible to radar, its signature was much smaller than the normal aircraft of the day. They were also tasked with designing the “Amerika Bomber” that could fly round trip to the east coast and back. It was slated to begin construction in September of 1945.

Thanks for taking a look and I hope you enjoy reading Catalyst as much as I did writing it. If you would like to learn more about the aircraft from the book and in WWII in general, I have created another site that I think you’ll interesting.

Part of the story takes place in a German Prisoner of War camp. Unlike the television show, Hogan’s Hero’s, the prison camp in Catalyst is based off a real POW camp.


Stalag 3 was the camp where the true life events depicted in the movie, The Great Escape, took place. The description of the barracks and life in camp are based from a WWII vet I spoke to who was interned there three months after the escape.

Another little bit of information. Without giving too much away, I will tell you that in the scene where our hero, Captain Griff Avery, goes to pick up the money to send to his Maguis cell (French Resistance) they actually treated the money like this so that it didn’t look new and give their agents away to the ever lurking Gestapo.

When reality and fiction are woven seamlessly together you, the reader can’t tell when one ends and the other begins, then I’ve done my job.


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